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Flatout 4: Total Insanity Review

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For a game with the words "Total Insanity" in its title, it’s fair to expect a certain level of madness around every corner. The Flatout series' cornerstone has always been chaos on the racetrack and Total Insanity certainly is chaotic. Being Kylotonn Games’ first Flatout, it makes sense that it would stick to the tried and tested formula. And it works, to a point. Races and the spectacle that ensues are wild and unpredictable in the ways they should be, but beyond the updated visuals, the overall package comes with a mess of annoyances. Uninspired presentation--poor music, bland menus, terrible engine tones--blends in with merciless AI and a broken sense of progression to make

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Visually, Flatout 4 impresses but doesn’t dazzle. God rays poke down through the trees while sparks scatter brightly as cars rub and scrape, and there is no shortage of trackside details to smash through. It aims to hit 30 frames per second, but at least does so consistently, only dipping at the very start of a race when all the cars are bouncing off each other and exaggerated track particles are flung back into your face.

Flatout 4 doesn’t bring anything noteworthy to the series, and while the Flatout and party modes are good for some low stakes enjoyment, the grind of single-player progression is too much to bare. The challenge is borderline unfair at times, and that wrecks the partytime nature that the series used to do so well.

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