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News: Metroid Prime Trilogy is half price on Wii U for one week from today

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£8.99 gets you the acclaimed Wii game, re-released for Wii U.

After the week is over the game will be priced £17.99.

At this price it's a bit of a steal, even if the Wii U version doesn't support the Wii U GamePad, meaning you'll need to play with the Wiimote and Nunchuck.

GameCube hits Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes were updated with motion controls when released for Wii, bringing them in line with the controls found in Wii shooter Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Analysis

With no sign of a new Metroid game for Wii U this could be the best you'll get for quite some time, and at the...

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