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Destiny 'Crota's End' hard mode coming Jan. 21

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Next week, 'Crota's End' will get its revenge for all of the players (maybe us included, maybe not. What's it to you?).

Bungie is unlocking hard mode for the latest raid on January 21, the developer revealed in an today. In Crota's End hard mode, both Crota and standard enemies will be far more challenging. Thankfully, though, the mode features swanky new loot.

Those stamping out Crota in the mode will have a chance to earn powerful new primary weapons (see them after the break!), an exclusive color palette and a devious-looking ship known as "The Bane of the Dark Gods" (It's the ominous looking ship, above).

"If you've experienced Hard Mode in Vault of Glass, you have some clues for how we can scale up a Raid," Bungie says in the weekly update. "Prepare to take better care of your teammates. You'll have fewer options for healing yourself, and each other."

Croat's End hard mode is set to launch in Destiny at 1pm Eastern on January 21.

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